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SFE Extraction Systems Speed-SFE 2/4

Spe-ed SFE-2/4 extraction systems

Extraction with supercritical Carbon Dioxide CO2!

The SFE Systems Spe-ed SFE 2/4 are robust and extremely user-friendly.

Performance characteristics

  • parallel processing capabilities of between 1 to 4 extraction vessels   
  • extraction vessels ranging in volume from 5 ml to 1 l
  • temperatures up to 240°C
  • pressure up to 690 bar
  • pump flow rates up to 400 ml/min
  • independent control of flow rates to each vessel
  • multiple flow path capability
  • fully-adjustable, variable restrictors, tempered
  • collection into SPE cartridges or standard glassware
  • optional: modifier-pump for adding organic solvent 
  • control software can be supplied but is not essential
  • extract directly from liquid samples (with special vessels)

Brochure: Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterSpe-ed SFE-2/4

supercritical CO2

SFE - Supercritical Fluid Extraction:

Above a defined pressure (74 bar) and at a certain temperature (31°C) CO2 is transformed into a supercritical state, i.e. it is neither a gas, nor a liquid. However, it has the advantages of both states, best permeability and solubility.

Why CO2? The advantages at a glance:

• best permeability
• low viscosity
• highly diffusible
• high dissolving power
• recyclable
• mild extraction method
• alternative to organic, partly toxic solvents
• non corrosive
• save and environmentally friendly
• no residues
• easy available and inexpensive

Function principle

SFE flow diagram:


Range of uses

The first wide commercial application of supercritical fluids was the decaffeination of coffee. Today you can find supercritical fluids, which are used in numerous SFE applications:

* extraction of natural products and aromas. Extraction from food,
   fats and polymers

* treatment of biopolymers

* sample preparation, f.i. for GC/MS analytics

* cleaning of electronic components, molded metal parts (MIM)
   and medical implants

* drying of aerogels and archaeological artifacts

* dying and impregnation

* coatings

* nanoparticles


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