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SFE Extraction System Speed-SFE 15000

Spe-ed SFE extraction system

Extraction with supercritical Carbon Dioxide CO2!

This Spe-ed SFE System was specially designed for SCF-extraction (supercritical fluid) at higher pressure. The robust extraction system is therefore fitted with special reliable high pressure components. It is sometimes necessary to work with higher pressure, e.g., to increase the solubility of many compounds. For example, triglycerides are completely soluble in SC-COat 1.000 bar.

Performance characteristics

  • pressure up to 1.000 bar
  • temperatures up to 240°C
  • pump flow rates up to 400 ml/min
  • independent control of flow rates to each vessel
  • multiple flow path capability
  • fully-adjustable, variable restrictors, tempered
  • parallel processing capabilities up to 2 extraction vessels  
  • extraction vessels ranging in volume from 0,5 ml to 950 ml
  • collection into SPE cartridges or standard glassware
  • optional: modifier-pump for adding organic solvent 
  • control software can be supplied but is not essential

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supercritical CO2

SFE - Supercritical Fluid Extraction:

Above a defined pressure (74 bar) and at a certain temperature (31°C) CO2 is transformed into a supercritical state, i.e. it is neither a gas, nor a liquid. However, it has the advantages of both states, best permeability and solubility.

Why CO2? The advantages at a glance:

• best permeability
• low viscosity
• highly diffusible
• high dissolving power
• recyclable
• mild extraction method
• alternative to organic, partly toxic solvents
• non corrosive
• save and environmentally friendly
• no residues
• easy available and inexpensive

Function principle

SFE flow diagram: 


Range of uses

The first wide commercial application of supercritical fluids was the decaffeination of coffee. Today you can find supercritical fluids, which are used in numerous SFE applications: 

* extraction of natural products and aromas. Extraction from food, 
   fats and polymers 

* treatment of biopolymers 

* sample preparation, f.i. for GC/MS analytics 

* cleaning of electronic components, molded metal parts (MIM) 
   and medical implants 

* drying of aerogels and archaeological artifacts 

* dying and impregnation 

* coatings 

* nanoparticles


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