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Tissue MALDI Sprayer M3
Sample Preparation for MALDI Imaging


Unrivaled technology!

The outstanding feature of this MALDI Sprayer is the heated spray nozzle to over 100 degrees. The patented spray technology guarantees an extremely fine, uniform and reproducible coating of all possible surfaces from simple slides to microtitre plates (MTP).

The TM-Sprayer was developed exclusively as a sprayer, representing the most specialised technology on the market in the field of MALDI sample preparation with improved MALDI tissue imaging. An enormous advantage for the user in imaging mass spectrometry.

The heatability of the spray nozzle, the key advantage of this TM-Sprayers, allows flow rates of up to 500µl/min, leading to very fast processing times. The risk of nozzle clogging is minimized, continous working is possible by high degree of automation. The intuitive software facilitates precise coating of surfaces in diverse ways, even the speed of the spray head can be varied.

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Performance characteristics

Performance characteristics

  • Spray nozzle heatable to max. 130oC

  • with a HPLC pump high flow rates up to 500µl/min 

  • minimized risk of nozzle clogging

  • high degree of automation

  • Application: Linear and/or in grid form

  • intuitive control software

  • can also be used as fraction collector (with additional software)

  • validated protocols are available for most matrixes as well as for trypsine digestion

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Imaging rat kidney

Imaging rat kidney

Special feature of the
The heatable spray nozzle!

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High Resolution

High Resolution

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Application to the Forensic Science:

Tech Notes




linear and/or in grid form


1-3 micrometers

Flow Rates:

50 to 500 µl/min (max. 1 ml/min)

Gas supply:

Nitrogen/dry compressed air ca. 2,5 bar

Spray chamber:

For two microtitre plates or up to ten slides; can be used with MALDI sample carrier/targets from all manufacturers of mass spectrometers

Speed spray nozzle: 

max. 1300 mm/min


Ambient temperature up to 130oC (+/- 2oC)


18 kg


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