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Sample Preparation for MALDI Imaging - the Tissue MALDI Sprayer M5


The patented top model!

Heatable Spray Nozzle!

The new advanced Tissue MALDI Sprayer M5 builds on the well established characteristics of the TM-Sprayers M3 , but is more powerful and offers wider processing potential.

The patented spray technology with its heatable spray nozzle allows the use of high flow rates, resulting in fast processing times. Faster cycles of 2 to 8 minutes per slide are possible.

The completely new casing, ultrafast movement of the spray nozzle (4 x faster), the drawer system for easy loading
of samples and the ensuing improved user-protection and better adjustment of the sample plates, as well as the heatable sample tray, all enhance and accelerate the MALDI-MS sample preparation processes. There is an integrated pump control, the waste disposal has been optimised and it is possible to access the inline filter easily.

The finest spray mist (very small matrix droplets, 1-3 micrometers) of the M5 allows extremely constant, fine and precise matrix coating, which is decisive for high-resolution imaging.

More than 30 validated protocols for trypsine and most matrixes (e.g. SA, CHCA, DHB, DAN, 9-AA, DHA, CMBT, THAP) are available as well as for trypsine digestion from FFPE (formalin-fixed and subsequently paraffin-embedded tissue).

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Performance characteristics

  • Spray nozzle heatable to max. 130oC

  • with a HPLC pump high flow rates up to 500µl/min 

  • minimized risk of nozzle clogging

  • high degree of automation

  • Application: Linear and/or in grid form

  • intuitive control software

  • can also be used as fraction collector (with additional software)

  • validated protocols are available for most matrixes as well as for trypsine digestion

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Imaging rat kidney

      Comparison of imaging using a rat kidney!

      Special feature of our TM-Sprayer:
      The heated spray nozzle!

      Please click image to enlarge



Linear and/or in grid form


1-3 micrometers

Flow Rates:

50 to 500 µl/min (max. 1 ml/min)

Gas supply:

Nitrogen/dry compressed air ca. 2,5 bar

Spray chamber:

For two microtitre plates or up to ten slides; can be used with MALDI sample carrier/targets from all manufacturers of mass spectrometers

Nozzle height:


Stage velocity: 

Max. 5600 mm/min


Ambient temperature up to 130oC (+/- 2oC)

Dimensions (WxHxD):

30 x 42 x 36 cm


16 kg

M3 versus M5

Comparison MALDI-Sprayer M3 and MALDI-Sprayer M5:

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