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SFE/SCF Helix for process development

Helix SFE/SCF system for process development system

User-specific modul systems!

upercritical Fluid (SCF) technology really works

With these innovative, user-friendly SFE/SCF-systems, toxic residues, petroleum-based solvents and many other unpleasant concomitant effects of classical extraction methods can be avoided.

Performance characteristics

The Helix SCF system consists of several, extendable modules:

  • displacement pump - operated with 8 bar compressed air, compresses the CO2 up to 680 bar
  • one or more thermostat-controlled units with controls up to 240°C
  • cyclonic separator
  • CO2 recycling unit

       Volume of extraction vessels: up to 950 ml

      Optional:   Modifier pump for adding organic solvent
                      Control software

Function Principle

What is a supercritical state?

Above a defined pressure (74 bar) and at a certain temperature (31 °C) CO2 is transformed into a supercritical state, i.e. it is neither a gas, nor a liquid. However, it has the advantages of both states, best permeability and solubility.

Why CO2?

• safe and environmentally friendly
• inexpensive and available in abundance
• no residues
• mild conditions, since supercritical at 31,1°C and 73.8 bar
• pressure increase has polar effects on CO2

Range of uses

    *  textile dying
    *  cleaning orthopedic implants
    *  creating nanoparticles
    *  drying aerogels
    *  cleaning semi-conductors
    *  developing photoresist coatings
    *  extraction from polymers
    *  impregnating biopolymers


    * temperatures up to 240°C

    * pressure up to 680 bar

    * pump: flow rates up to 400 ml/min (or optional upgrade to 800 ml/min)

    * 950 ml, 500 ml, 300 ml, 100 ml extraction vessels

    * 950 ml, 500 ml, 300 ml, 100 ml separation vessels

    * independent temperature and pressure settings for extraction vessels and 
       separation vessels

    * installation of stirrers possible


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