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Partition Chromatography HPCCC

Countercurrent Chromatography system HPCCC

High Performance 
Counter Current Chromatography

These Countercurrent Chromatography systems 
are eminently suitable wherever dissolution 
problems occur with the sample. They can be 
easily integrated into any existing HPLC system 
as only the column is replaced.

These HPCCC systems offer a separation and purification technology, that separates substances on development and/or preparative scale (mg to approx. 1000 g) where classical separating columns may not be suitable or desired. 

One important advantage of these Partition Chromatography instruments is that existing methods can be easily transferred to preparative scale.

Performance characteristics

  • for complex separation
  • replaces the LC column
  • compatible with any HPLC system

  • operated software. e.g. Clarity
  • simple and cost-effective scale-up
  • very low solvent consumption
  • less sample preparation
  • high loading capacity 
  • highest recovery rates

Function principle

A high performance CCC instrument functions according to the liquid/liquid distribution principle (separating funnel).

The system comprises a Teflon tube wrapped around a bobbin. This bobbin is connected via an axle to a second bobbin that is also attached to an axle. If the axle is rotated at high speed ( up to 2100 rpm) this produces a planetary movement with 240-fold gravitational force, which subjects the contents of the tube to a high level of mixing whilst at the same time allowing areas of calm.

As with classical column technology, there is a stationary phase and a mobile phase, which, however, can be defined by the user, depending on the task in hand.

The separation itself takes place via distribution of the sample between two immiscible solvents and is continuous. As the mobile phase is being pumped in at one end of the column, the separated compounds leave the column at the other end.

HPCCC film 1

Here you can see how centrifugal distribution chromatography works:


HPCCC film 2

Schematic presentation of the rotation process::


Range of uses

HPCCC is used:

... if the solubility of the samples is problematic

... if the column separation is difficult or impossible

... if sample preparation is complex

... if work on a preparative scale is required

Models available

semi-preparative, maximum sample amount per injection: 2 g

HPCCC Spectrum Series 1000: 
preparative, maximum sample amount per injection: 25 g

HPCCC Spectrum Series 6000: 
industrial solutions, on request


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