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SMBC Chromatography System Octave™

SMB-Chromatography-System Octave

The laboratory-scale SMBC system

This SMBC instrument is characterised by extreme flexibility,
high recovery rates and purity, as well as a high level
of productivity.

The system, which operates on the counter current principle, is compatible with chemical and biological samples.
For sample amounts from milligrams to grams.

This laboratory-scale SMBC system is ideal for developing production processes, from piloting to commercial production.

Performance characteristics

  • binary separation of the sample
  • very good separation even at low plate numbers
  • optimum utilisation of the column resin capacity
  • low solvent requirement

  • pneumatic valve system with extremely low dead volume
  • pre-programmed control scripts
  • metal-free, therefore biocompatible
  • allows the performance of many processes


Gas required:

nitrogen, at least 99.995 %

Gas feed line: 

1/8” NPT, female

Gas pressure:

min. 330 psi, max. 390 psi

Liquid connection:

¼-28 female, flat bottom

Back pressure stability: 

max. 270 psi (18,6 bar)

Material moistened: 

PEEK, FEP, PTFE, Ultem, PFA, synthetic ruby and sapphire, fluorocarbon

Flow rates:

up to 4 x 10 ml/min (on request up to 4 x 100 ml/min)


including control software, e.g. Clarity

Dimensions (HxWxD):     

690 x 550 x 540 mm


68 kg


    * purification of recombinant proteins

    * purification of antibodies with protein A/G or IEX

    * separation of enantiomers

    * separation of sugars

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SMBC system brochure

The brochure to our SMBC systems as pdf:

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