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Vacuum Degasser for analytical HPLC

HPLC Vacuum Degaser analytical

5-year guarantee on the high-performance membrane!

Our new HPLC Online Degassers offer the user highest
degassing potential.

Gases are removed from the solvents by applying vacuum via a semi-permeable membrane. Owing to the excellent gas permeability of the highly efficient Teflon-AF® material, the usual internal volume can be reduced. This considerably reduces the time required for stabilisation following a change in solvent.

The vacuum pump of this degasser operates in either constant or hysteretic mode, i.e. the pump switches on or off at a defined reduced pressure.

The innovative, high-performance membrane, produced exclusively from a special Teflon material, provides a particularly service-friendly, continuous-flow degassing system. ERC offers an extended guarantee of 5 years on
this special membrane.

Performance characteristics

  • innovative membrane technology

  • highly efficient Teflon-AF® capillaries

  • 2 operation modes, constant or hysteretic mode

  • 2-channel or 4-channel version, for use in parallel or in series, biocompatible

Function principle

The solvents each flow through a short Teflon-AF® capillary. Each capillary is in a separate chamber, in which a vacuum is produced by means of a vacuum pump. Any gases present in the eluents are thus removed through a semi-permeable membrane. By using highly efficient Teflon-AF® material, very short capillaries with a small dead volume (<500 µl) can be used.

Models available

Biocompatible (PEEK), approx. 0,5 ml int. volume per channel

Biocompatible (PEEK), approx. 0,5 ml int. volume per channel

Other models are available on request.


The specifications depend on the configuration of the instrument.

Wetted materials:

Vacuum Chamber: Teflon AF®, SS, PEEK
Pump: Teflon, aluminium, EPDM

Degassing capacity:

Gasses remaining in solution <20% at a flow rate of 1 ml/min

Volume per channel:

< 500 μl

Current supply:

100 - 250 V (47 - 63 Hz)

Dimensions (BxHxD):

125 x 167 x 270 mm


ca. 3 kg


Managing Director:
Joachim Paschlau

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