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Flow Splitter with adjustable split ratio

Flow-Splitter adjustable ASI

    The split ratio of the very simply constructed splitter 
    is determined via two fluid resistors. The Flow Splitters 
    can be used for all applications requiring a precise and 
    constant split.The split ratio is adjusted simply by turning 
    the knob.

ASI QuickSplit™
 Flow Splitter are available for analytical, semi-preparative and preparative HPLC. The split ratio is precisely adjustable and reproducible. Because of the very low dead volume, the solvent composition is the same in both resistor cartridges at any given time, so that viscosity changes associated with gradient runs do not affect the split ratio.  

NEW: Nano-Flow Splitter for split flow rates as low as one nanoliter per minute!
Dead volume on the low flow side is as low as 5 nanoliters!
Range of adjustment = factor 20!

Performance characteristics

Performance characteristics

  • Universally suitable for all splitting applications, e.g. between two detectors, for fraction collection or for pre-column splitting of the solvent stream

  • Flow splitters with adjustable split ratios for pre- or post-column applications

  • Extremely low dead volume (100 nl), so that viscosity does not influence the split ratio

  • Analytical, semi-preparative and preparative versions available

Adjustable flowsplitter are recommended especially when working with different detectors, which require different input flows.

Function principle

Function principle



Split ratios


from (1:1 - 20:1) to (50:1 - 1.000:1)


from (1:1 - 20:1) to (1.000:1 - 20.000:1)


on request

Flow rates


0,1 ml/min to 5 ml/min


5 ml/min to 40 ml/min


40 ml/min to 1000 ml/min

var. models

var. models

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Tel.:       +49 89 66055696

New: Nano-Flow

New: Nano-Flow

Dead Volume on Low Flow Side

Split Ratio Range

Part Number

5 nanoliters

1-20 nanoliters/min.


10 nanoliters

10-200 nanoliters/min.


50 nanoliters

100-2000 nanoliters/min.



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