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RI Refractive Index Detector analytical
RefractoMax ULTRA

Refractive index detector HPLC


  Developed for fast Chromatography! 

  with best measurement results.


Refractive index detectors are a widely used detector type for general, isocratic applications. They are used for measuring analytes that bear no chromophores and/or are volatile. The RI serie RefractoMax is characterized by short start-up times and excellent baseline stability, even over longer measurement periods.

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Performance characteristics

  • Simple handling:

The user sees the working conditions at a glance on the coloured display screen. Complex processes such as the change of eluent in the reference cell can be automated via the start-up button. Simple instrument validation and calibration via the “HELP” function.

  • Accurately tempered measuring cell: 

A stable baseline is achieved in the shortest possible time by optimisation of the temperature control and best thermal isolation. 

  • High sensitivity: 

 Due to its baselinestability the RefractoMax shows a superior signal to noise ratio. Nearly no drift appears even at long analysis times. 

  • Safety features:

The detector is equipped with a leak sensor that switches off the pump automatically.

  • Various automated functions:

External inlet and outlet ports, as well as the RS 232 interface, allow communication with all chromatography systems.

Range of uses

For example, for the detection of:

    *  saccharides
    *  organic acids
    *  proteins
    *  peptides
    *  polymers
    *  lipids


Measuring principle:

differential measurement of light beam deflection

Flow rate:

normally 0.1-1.0 ml/min; max. 2 ml/min

Cell volume:

2,5 µl

Data rate:

100 Hz

Measuring range:

1/4 - 512 µRIU


600 µRIU

Characteristic noise:

2.5 nRIU (Response:1.5 s)


positive / negative

Time constants: 

0.1;0.25;0.5;1.0;1.5;2;3; 6 seconds

Auto zero:

entire refractive index range

Auto Zero Resolution:

1 (bei 2mV / µRIU) / 4 (bei 8mV / µRIU) nRIU

Offset range:

0 ~ 500 mV

Integrator output: 

0-1 V/FS


Marker output: 10% of FS



Max cell pressure: 

50 kPA

Parts touched by the medium:

SS 316, Teflon, quarz-glass

Temperature control:

30~55°C (1°C steps)

External signal inputs:

auto zero , Marker, Polarität, Purge On/Off

External signal outputs: 

ready; leak; error

User support:

start-up function; span/validation

Power connection:

AC 100 ~ 240V +/- 10%;500/60 Hz

Power consumption:

max. 150 VA

Dimensions (w x h x d):

260 x 150 x 450 mm


approx. 12 kg


Managing Director:
Joachim Paschlau

HRB 135721 München
WEEE-Reg.Nr. DE 66898529


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