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RI Refractive Index Detectors - preparative

preparative Differential Refractometer


   Versatile RI Detector and latest development
   in the field of preparative chromatography

   For use also in GPC/SEC and for dn/dc determination.


This RI detector demonstrates highest baseline stability via symmetrical construction without multiple reflection on null glass and beam splitter. This has a positive impact on the wander, pulsation and drift parameters.

The detector can be switched to preparative operation without intervention in the instrument or changing of cells.
An optimum signal/noise ratio ensures high sensitivity. The standard wavelength is 620 nm; other wavelengths from 980 nm to 460 nm can be selected. The reference cell is filled and rinsed automatically.
A connection for fraction collector is available.

Absolute determination of the concentration is possible with this refractometer.

Range of uses

For example, for the detection of:

    *  Saccharides and Sugar alcohols
    *  Organic acids
    *  Proteins / Peptides
    *  Polymers
    *  Lipids
    *  Esters
    *  Fatty acids
    *  Tensides


Refractive index range:

1.0 bis 1.86


620 nm (standard model), 
other wavelengths on request

Cell volume:

6 µl

Cell angle:

optional: Cell angle 45°, 15°

Measuring ranges (RIU Full Scale):

4 ranges from 6 x 10-4 to 7.5 x 10-5

Noise level (analytical):

+/- 5 x 10-10 RIU, at 25°C

Noise level (preparative):

+/- 3 x 10-10 RIU, at 25°C

Temperature accuracy: 

+/- 0.2°C



Flow rates:

0.01 bis 150 ml/min

Pressure max:

8 bar

Analog inputs:

2, +/- 2.5 Volt FSD

Analog outputs: 

2, +/- 1.0 Volt FSD

Digital inputs: 

Start, Flush, Error, Recycling Trigger, Fractioncollection, Polarity, Marker

Digitale outputs:

Start Out, Error Out, Start-Recycling, Start Fractioncollection, End of collection


RS-232, Baudraten von 4800 bis 115200, USB, LAN

Dimensions (B x H x T):

330 x 160 x 355 (395) mm


ca. 4 kg


Managing Director:
Joachim Paschlau

HRB 135721 München
WEEE-Reg.Nr. DE 66898529


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