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RI Refractive Index Detector RID100 - preparative

analytical Differential Refractometer


For semi-preparative and preparative HPLC 

With wide linear dynamic range and 100 ml/min
maximum flow rate


These competively priced refractive index detectors are characterized by fast baseline stabilization, high sensitivity and excellent reproducibility. The highly pressure resistant flow cell, the long-life LED and optimized safety components guarantee minimal maintenance and easy handling.

The differential refractometer are used for detecting compounds with little or no UV activity, such as sugars, alcohols, lipids or polymers in high concentration. The detectors can be operated in stand-alone mode or be integrated in different LC-systems.

Performance characteristics

  • extremely pressure-stable measuring cell
  • long-life LED
  • tempered optical unit
  • improved safety components (with leak sensor)
  • large linear measuring range
  • maximum flow rate of 100 ml/min
  • easy handling and operation
  • minimal maintenance
  • stand-alone mode or integration in LC systems
  • made in Germany

Range of uses

For example, for the detection of:

    *  saccharides
    *  organic acids
    *  proteins
    *  peptides
    *  polymers
    *  lipids


Measuring principle:

differential measurement of light beam deflection

Refractive index range:

1.00 - 1.75 RIU


± 50 nRIU


2000 nRIU/Std


> 4000 µRIU

Light source:

long-life LED

Detection channels:


Flow cell max.:

5 bar back pressure resistance

Flow rate max.:

100 ml/min (pure water)

Flow cell volume:

9 µl

Wetted materials:

Stainless Steel, fused silica, PTFE, PEEK

Temperature control:

OFF, 30 - 55°C (1°C steps)

Time constants:

0.00;0.01;0.02;0.05;0.1;0.2;0.5;1.0;2.0;5.0;10.0 seconds

Data rate:

100 Hz (LAN), 20 Hz (analog)

Auto Zero:

entire refractive index range

Leak Sensor:



detailed report including operating hours, light source operating hours

Ambient conditions:

4-40°C, Humidity: < 90% non condensing

Display (optional):

mobile control

External signal input:

Error, Start, Auto Zero, Flush

External signal output: 

Event 1, Start, Error, + 5V, 24V valve

Analog outputs:

1 x 0- 2,5 V scalable, 20 bit, offset adjustable


mobile control, software, event control, analog, terminal protocol


2 x LAN (RJ-45, Dual-IP-Stack), USB (service only), multi-pin connector, analog (cinch connector)

Power supply:

100 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz, 65 W

Dimensions (W x H x D):

ca. 360 x 160 x 520 mm


approx. 11 kg


Managing Director:
Joachim Paschlau

HRB 135721 München
WEEE-Reg.Nr. DE 66898529


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