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RI Detectors RefractoFlow 2030 - for GPC/SEC

preparative Differential Refractometer


   Versatile RI Detector

   For use in GPC/SEC and for dn/dc determination.
   Stand-alone or integrated into GPC/SEC multidetector-systems.


For GPC / SEC applications, the differential refractometer is the most widely used detector. The RefractoFlow 2013 demonstrates highest baseline stability via symmetrical construction without multiple reflection on null glass and beam splitter. This has a positive impact on the wander, pulsation and drift parameters.

The detector can be switched to preparative operation without intervention in the instrument or changing of cells.
An optimum signal/noise ratio ensures high sensitivity. The standard wavelength is 620 nm; other wavelengths from
980 nm to 460 nm can be selected. The reference cell is filled and rinsed automatically. A connection for fraction collector is available.

Absolute determination of the concentration is possible with this refractometer.

The devices of the serie "Bioline" are extensively metal-free.

Range of uses

For example, for the detection of:

    *  Saccharides and Sugar alcohols
    *  Organic acids
    *  Proteins / Peptides
    *  Polymers
    *  Lipids
    *  Esters
    *  Fatty acids
    *  Tensides


Refractive index range:

1.0 bis 1.86


620 nm (standard model), 
other wavelengths on request

Cell volume:

6 µl

Cell angle:

optional: Cell angle 45°, 15°

Measuring ranges (RIU Full Scale):

4 ranges from 6 x 10-4 to 7.5 x 10-5

Noise level (analytical):

+/- 5 x 10-10 RIU, at 25°C

Noise level (preparative):

+/- 3 x 10-10 RIU, at 25°C

Temperature accuracy: 

+/- 0.2°C



Flow rates:

0.01 bis 150 ml/min

Pressure max:

8 bar

Analog inputs:

2, +/- 2.5 Volt FSD

Analog outputs: 

2, +/- 1.0 Volt FSD

Digital inputs: 

Start, Flush, Error, Recycling Trigger, Fractioncollection, Polarity, Marker

Digitale outputs:

Start Out, Error Out, Start-Recycling, Start Fractioncollection, End of collection


RS-232, Baud rates from 4800 to 115200, USB, LAN

Dimensions (B x H x T):

330 x 160 x 355 (395) mm


approx. 4 kg


Managing Director:
Joachim Paschlau

HRB 135721 München
WEEE-Reg.Nr. DE 66898529


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