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Electrochemical Flow Cells for ECD DECADE


The new SenCell! For highest sensitivity!

EC Cell SenCell                EC Cell SenCell

The SenCell is a wall-jet cell and designed for maximum sensitivity.
The cell is small, robust and easy to handle. Instead of a polymer spacer, the distance to the working electrode
is continuously adjustable, without opening the cell. This allows you to quickly customize a method for optimal detection performance.
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The VT-03 Cell

EC Cell VT03

Owing to its variable volume from 0.3 µl to 5 nl, the VT-03 Cell can be used for both standard flow rates and µ-bore or capillary LC. Working electrodes made from glassy carbon, platinum, gold, silver or copper are available.

The FlexCell

EC Cell FlexCell
With the FlexCell, working and reference electrodes can be quickly exchanged. All parts of the cell can be exchanged separately at low cost. The FlexCell is particularly suitable for applications involving working electrodes made of metal and as a reactor preceding another measuring cell. Working electrodes: made from glassy carbon, platinum, gold, silver or diamond.
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An overview of all electrochemical cells and spare parts with order no you will find here:
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