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Chiraldetector ALP

   Unique: This detector requires 
   no chromophores!


This Chiraldetector was developed for the detection of enantiomers and measures the real-time rotation of optically active substances by means of a linearly polarized, 670 nm laser beam with micro-degree resolution. In comparison to other chiral detectors, the ALP has the advantage of being able to detect compounds without chromophores. For HPLC, SFC and SMBC.

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blue: UV; red: ALP

Performance characteristics

  • for analytical and preparative use

  • requires no chromophores

  • fully automatic

  • two internally generated calibration peaks

  • real-time data

  • gradient compatibility

  • uniform attribution of enantiomers (+/-)

  • also available in a SFC version

  • wide, linear, dynamic range

  • very simple handling

Function principle

Light, including laser light, vibrates at many levels. If it is sent through an optical, polarizing filter, however, it forms a beam of light that only vibrates on one level. The resulting energy is called linearly polarized light.

Optical activity is defined as the capability of a compound to turn linearly polarized light in one direction or another. Enantiomers are chemically identical, but differ in their molecular geometry, leading to a similar but counter-directional rotation of the polarized laser light.

The PDR chiral polarimeter determines both the peak area and the direction of the optical rotation.

Range of uses

    *  R&D in the pharmaceutical and food industries
    *  Research at universities, MPI’s etc.



   CE, UL, CSA, TU

Life time:

   10 years for the laser


   100-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 20 Watt


   670 nanometres


   25 25 micro-degrees

Output signal:

   200.000 micro-degrees/volts

Dimensions (W x D x H):

   324 x 152 x 559 mm


   16 kg


Managing Director:
Joachim Paschlau

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