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MarvelX UHPLC-Connections

MarvelX UHPLC finger-tight FittingeUHPLC-Fittinge

  Zero Dead Volume
  Reusable up to 200 times
  Finger-tight to 19,000 psi
  Applicable for all UHPLC 
    and HPLC systems

MarvelX fittings are dedicated finger-tight connections for UHPLC. They adapt with zero dead volume to common 10-32 ports and can be used up to 200 times. The connecting capillary is available in Stainless Steel and as biocompatible option in PEEK-lines Stainless Steel. The innovative design allows the replacement of the tubings reusing the fittings.

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Part NoDescriptionPrice in €
1531Tubing PEEK Nat 1/16 x .010 x 5ft36,00
1531BTubing PEEK Blue 1/16 x .010 x 5ft35,00
1531BLTubing PEEK Blue 1/16x.010x50ft211,00
1531BXLTubing PEEK Blue 1/16x.010x100ft359,00
1531LTubing PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x50ft211,00
1531XLTubing PEEK Nat 1/16x.010x100ft359,00
1532Tubing PEEK Ora 1/16 x .020 x 5ft35,00
1532LTubing PEEK Ora 1/16x.020x50ft211,00
1532XLTubing PEEK Ora 1/16x.020x100ft359,00
1533Tubing PEEK Grn 1/16 x .030 x 5ft35,00
1533LTubing PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x50ft211,00
1533XLTubing PEEK Grn 1/16x.030x100ft359,00
1534Tubing PEEK Nat 1/8 x .062 x 5ft73,00
1535Tubing PEEK Red 1/16 x .005 x 5ft50,00
1535LTubing PEEK Red 1/16x.005x50ft306,00
1535XLTubing PEEK Red 1/16x.005x100ft517,00
1536Tubing PEEK Yel 1/16 x .007 x 5ft35,00
1536LTubing PEEK Yel 1/16x.007x50ft211,00
1536XLTubing PEEK Yel 1/16x.007x100ft359,00
1538Tubing PEEK Nat 1/16 x .040 x 5ft35,00
1538LTubing PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x50ft211,00
1538XLTubing PEEK Nat 1/16x.040x100ft359,00
1544Tubing PEEK Nat 1/8 x .080 x 5ft73,00
1548LTubing FEP Nat 1/16 x .020 x 50ft119,00
1548XLTubing FEP Nat 1/16x.020x100ft202,00
1559Tubing PEEK Nat 1/16"x.025x5ft54,00
1560Tubing PEEK Nat 1/16x.0025x5ft50,00
1560XLTubing PEEK Nat 1/16x.0025x100ft527,00
1561Tubing PEEK Blk 1/16 x .004 x 5ft50,00
Article 61 - 91 at 1806

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