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IDEX H&S - Connections and Fittings for HPLC and UHPLC


IDEX Health & Science products are the first choice for high-quality accessories in Liquid Chromatography!
A wide product range offers the right choice for each application: PEEK and Stainless Steel products
for Ultra-High-Pressure-, High- and Low-Pressure applications, including Nano- and Micro-Flows.

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Part NoDescriptionPrice in €
1238NanoTight Kit .007" (180µm)41,00
1239NanoTight Kit .0085" (215µm)41,00
1240NanoTight Kit .011"61,00
1241NanoTight Kit .013"57,00
1242NanoTight Kit .015"41,00
1243NanoTight Kit .018"61,00
1244NanoTight Kit .021"61,00
1246NanoTight Kit .027"61,00
1247NanoTight Kit .033"81,00
1250NanoTight Fittings Kit325,00
1320Upchurch SS Tubing Kit278,00
1321Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .010 ID106,00
1322Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .007 ID156,00
1323Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .005 ID111,00
1324Upchurch SS Tubing Kit .020 ID99,00
1325Tefzel Tubing Kit177,00
1326PEEK Tubing Kit151,00
1328MicroTight PEEK Sleeve Kit136,00
1356MicroTight Con Kit PEEK302,00
1404Fittings Kit/Hewlett-Packard Type400,00
1412UpTight Fittings Kit/Varian Type592,00
1413Upch Fittings Kit/Waters Type400,00
1418Upch Fittings Kit/Bio-Rad Type392,00
1420Upch Fittings Kit/Hitachi Type592,00
1421Shimadzu Type Kit592,00
1451Flangeless Fittings Kit328,00
1452FingerTight II Fittings Kit181,00
1453Flanged Fittings Kit404,00
1454Tefzel Fittings Kit277,00
1456PEEK Fittings Kit Low Pressure509,00
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