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ERC Partners

We have been working in amicable cooperation for many years with most of our suppliers. The characteristics of this cooperation are mutual trust, development work and the exchange of know-how for the benefit of our customers

   Branch leader in the development and manufacture of  
   Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (ELSD)

   The world's leading supplier of electrochemical measuring 
   instruments for more than 25 years: 

   Development and manufacture of the newly developed
   Tissue MALDI Sprayers (TM-Sprayer)

   SFE/SCF Extraction with supercritical CO2  
   on laboratory scale. Process SFE/SCF system Helix. 
   SPE cartridges.

   High performance CounterCurrent-Chromatography systems  
   (HPCCC). Automated liquid-liquid-extraction.

   Developer and manufacture of innovative SMBC systems  
   on laboratory and pilot-plant scale

   Manufacture of LDTD Ion Source, Laser Diode Thermal 

   Manufacture of special Flow Splitters:  
   Fix, Adjustable, Makeup, fully automated. 
   PCR, HPLC Mixer, Pulse dampers.

   Manufacture of Chiral Detektors

   Innovative Column Selection System Solutions, that are in use
   around the world

   Supplier of HPLC- and GPC-columns

   Developer of Chromatography software, e.g.. Clarity

   IDEX Health&Science Valves and Accessories,
   Connections & Fittings, MarvelX UHPLC Connections




Managing Director:
Joachim Paschlau

HRB 135721 München
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